God is using the First Aid for Your Soul CD to draw people into a relationship with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. Check out these stories of lives impacted. If you have a testimony about how you have seen God use the First Aid for Your Soul CD please email and share it so that we can encourage others.

Former Drug Dealer is Now a Kingdom Messenger

I just want to thank the LORD for putting a young lady in my path while we were handing out CDs in the Minneapolis skyways. I saw her from about 50 yards away standing by the rail. We made eye contact right away – it might have been the Santa Suit I was wearing for the outreach! I gave her a CD and explained to her what was on it. I was telling her who we were and what we were doing. I also shared with her that the LORD had changed my life. She looked into my eyes and simply asked "how?"

No one has ever ask me that before, she caught me off guard.

I gave her a short testimony of how I was a 22 year cocaine abuser and the first night I went to a men's discipleship group – I gave my life to the LORD and He saved me from ever having to do cocaine again. We talked a little bit about drugs and abuse. She was bringing up her boyfriend a lot and I felt in my heart He may be the one with the drug problem so I gave her another CD for him. I felt for the first time God touching a person's heart through me and it felt so good! Thank God for putting her in my path!


Pray for Another Miracle Story

My friend from my apartment and I had a few errands to run. After we were done, we decided to stop into Hardee's to get something to eat. While standing in line, we said we get a Senior Discount as did the man in front of us. I said that I started getting a Senior Discount since I was 50 and have been getting it for 17 years. He said he was the same age and checked with his wife to make sure how old he was. It was very cute.

Anyway, I pulled a FIRST AID CD out of my purse and asked him if he liked Christmas music and he said he did. I told him that this CD had Christmas music and miracle stories on it. He looked at me and said that this is exactly what he needed. When I looked at him, he had tears running down his face. I asked him what was going on. He told me that his daughter was dying of the "big C word." I told him I was sorry to hear that.

My friend and I ordered, and I went over to them and asked them if they would like me to pray with them. They said that they would. His wife seemed to be more in control of her emotions... almost distant... but, due to the circumstances, I think I understand why. I told him that, after we got our table, I would come pray with them.

When I approached the table, his wife was on the phone so I waited. I asked them if we could hold hands and they said that we could. I noticed that he had very rough, hard working hands, but I could feel a very soft spirit. When I started to pray, the Holy Spirit was all over us. I prayed for healing for his daughter, Alicia. I prayed for peace and comforting for Tom and Sue. The Holy Spirit was so there that I had to hold back my own tears. I don't even remember all that I prayed. I do remember telling them how important it was for their daughter to receive the Lord if it was her time to go. He seemed to be receiving what I was saying. I gave them another CD for Alicia.

I told him that I would put them on our prayer list. I also told him that, if he wanted some of us to come and pray with them, I would arrange it. I game him my name and telephone number and told him he could call if he needed more prayer or wanted us to go to the hospital at the U of M. He thanked me. As they were leaving, he stopped to say thanks. I told him to keep looking up to the Lord for comfort. What a Holy Spirit arrangement. I still have goose bumps when I think about His presence. Please pray for another miracle story in this family!

Miracle Center

Bold as a Lion

Just wanted to give you an updated on the CDs I ordered from Trinity Works. It has been so awesome handing them out. God has really stretched me. I went shopping with my four year old daughter the other day and we prayed about who to give them to. We would pass lots of people in the shopping mall and all of the sudden my daughter would say, "her dad" and then go give a CD to a woman and tell them that God wants them to have it or ask them if they like Christmas music. Only four years old and bold as a lion! It was so precious and sweet to watch her give them out and for people to receive them.

Calvary United Methodist

Hope for Salvation

I want to thank you so much for putting out this amazing CD! I heard about it on The Refuge this morning so went online to listen. What a wonderful gift and way to share what we believe with others. Both the testimonies and music are so touching and beautiful. It presents Christ in the most tender, loving way. My father-in-law has cancer and is not expected to live long and I have been trying to figure out the best way to share my faith with him to give him hope. This CD is an answer to my prayers and I am continuing to pray that it will open the door to conversation about the only thing that really matters in this life. I've ordered 50 CD's and can't wait to give them out. I am praying that this CD will work in powerful ways to bring revival to our land! Thank you for being obedient to what God has put on your heart. It is going to bless so many!

Brainerd, MN

Marketplace Transformation

I have a friend who God has been having me share with for over two years. I kept waiting for the Lord to give me opportunities. When the First Aid for Your Soul CDs were available last December I gave one to my friend Tom. A couple weeks later he called me after listening to the CD and told me he wanted to give his life to Jesus. Apparently he had been listening to a testimony and when the woman shared about hearing the voice of the Lord say "its time my child," – he heard the Lord speak to Him! Now this brother is coming to a men's discipleship group with me and growing in the Lord. Praise God!

River of God Church

Secret Santa

Every year my work place does a secret Santa gift exchange where we give a gift each day for a week. One day I could not figure out what to give, but something in my heart told me to give the First Aid for Your Soul CD. I was a little scared because I didn't want to risk getting in trouble from my boss for giving out something Christian. I was also afraid that the girl would not like it, because she never talked about Jesus or God. But the feeling would not go away, so I put it in her gift bag. The next day I heard this young lady telling everyone at work that she had received the best gift she had ever gotten. She was explaining how this Christmas CD had music and different people's testimonies on it, and that her favorite testimony was the first one, and how everyone just had to hear it! When the reveal day came and I told her that I was her secret Santa, she started crying and said thanks and that she normally does not do hugs, but could she please give me one. She said that no one had ever given her a gift that meant so much and affected her the way this CD did. She said she wanted to be my friend, and asked if she could she go to church with me. I'm so glad I listened to the Holy Spirit and gave her the CD

Woodland Hills Church


The First Aid for Your Soul was an outreach that really impacted a lot of people at the Mall of America. With the twenty four hour prayer covering, the fire of the Holy Spirit kept building and you could feel it. On the busiest shopping day of the year you saw such sadness and emptiness in people. I prayed with a young lady who the Lord led me to and He told me she had a great sadness. When I walked up to her, you could see the sadness. I handed her the CD and told her about it. I then said to her that she had a great deal of sadness that she was dealing with from an illness or death. She shared that her best friend had been killed two weeks earlier. I prayed with her and also her mom and her aunt. When we turned to leave, I saw a smile on the young ladies face. Her mom leaned over and said thank you, that she had not seen that smile in what seemed to be eternity. We met and talked with people that day from all over the world.

Living Word Christian Center

Bold Witness

If you are like me, the thought of sharing God's word can be intimidating. You think to yourself, what if I don't have the right answers to questions, or what if I can't remember where to look something up in the Bible? Will they believe me, or will they think I'm just crazy? All of these things and more go through your head. But when you take time to analyze these thoughts, you realize it is just Satan.

TRINITY WORKS came to my church this winter. I was late for church that day and my children weren't very cooperative, so I didn't really hear what they were doing. But, I was led to go to their table and inquire. I left with 11 CD's that afternoon. At first, I thought my friends at school could really benefit. What happened was I was the one who was blessed. This CD is such a simple tool that can accomplish so much. It can make a huge difference in someone's life. It was contagious, so to speak. I just kept thinking of more people that needed to hear this. I handed out 60 CDs at my college during final exam time, and I gave them to all of my husband's coworkers. I requested CDs for the crisis pregnancy center, and my children and I passed them out to everyone in our apartment building on Christmas Eve.

Everyone that received a CD was grateful. One neighbor put a thank you note on my door, another now speaks to me in the hallways. My husband's coworkers were hugging him at work. And my kids, just loved giving something to all of the neighbors for Jesus' birthday. I can honestly say that I am much more confident about witnessing and speaking out for my God. This CD has helped to turn me into a Jesus Freak. And that is a wonderful thing. So, don't hesitate, get involved with this ministry. It will change you and those around you.

Redeeming Love Church

Mobilizing Believers to Share the Gospel

I was working with a flooring store as part of my business and God put it on my heart to share a First Aid for Your Soul CD with a man who worked there named Chad. Chad listened to the CD for a week and called me up to tell me he thought it was awesome. Then he shared with me that the Lord put on his heart to give it to a painter who just lost his business. Chad had never been used by God in this way and he told me that it was really incredible to know that God using him. He described actually feeling the love of God filling him while he was delivering the CD and felt honored that God was using him. God is really using these CDs to encourage believers and to encourage believers to share the gospel.

Living Word Christian Center

From Darkness to Light

I wanted to pass along a cool story. We had a couple people from TRINITY WORKS speak at our church (St. Paul Fellowship in Frogtown) in December and distribute the First Aid for Your Soul CDs. One of the ways we used the CDs was to give them out when we went caroling in the neighborhood.

While we were caroling at the house of a family who attends our church, a woman who had recently moved in next door stuck her head out her front door and listened. One of our people went over and gave her a CD and talked with her briefly.

Fast-forward to Easter morning. This woman showed up at the church, having been encouraged to attend by her neighbor. Since Easter morning she has spoken with several of our people, and she prayed to receive Christ a few days ago. She has a very troubled history, having come out of a family that practices Satanism. She's experienced a lot of abuse in her life, and was very fearful of coming to church, but she has been welcomed into our community.

She says that the caroling was her first introduction to our church, and that she has listened to the First Aid for Your Soul CD every day since that night. She said she has been overcome with peace when listening to it, and wants to know that peace. God has truly used it in her life.

I wanted you all to hear how your work has impacted this woman and her two sons, who are also attending the church now.

Pastor Pat Kahnke
St. Paul Fellowship


We have a women now attending our church that came on Christmas Eve, got a CD, it worked on her heart, she returned at Easter, and now is attending church and growing in the LORD. What a miracle!!!

Pastor Ann Hinrichs
Plymouth Covenant Church

Overwhelming Love

The First Aid for Your Soul CD is incredible. The first time I listened to it I couldn't stop crying. It overwhelmed me with the goodness of our God and His love for people. This is a tool that God is using to mobilize every believer to share Christ with their families, neighbors and coworkers. This is an exciting opportunity for local churches to release and encourage a culture of evangelism in a practical way.

Pastor Jim Bzoskie
Cornerstone Bible Church

Evangelism Fire Starters

I met Steven and Casey and the TRINITY WORKS team at the Christian Community Expo in November 2008. WOW! What a joy to meet people so passionate about Jesus and His call on their lives.

Since that time, Lighthouse Community Church and TRINITY WORKS partnered together for the First Aid for Your Soul outreach. What a blessing to share Christmas with others with such a simple, yet powerful way. I am so thankful to connect with such "on fire" fellow believers and link arms with them for the cause of Christ! I believe that this is a divine connection as the Lord is mobilizing His church for this end time harvest!

Pastor Bill Goodwin
Lighthouse Church

Kingdom Impact

TRINITY WORKS is a dynamic, Spirit-led ministry that is making a huge impact in the Church and on the streets of the Twin Cities. God has given this ministry a beautiful vision of the Kingdom and has anointed Steven, Casey and the entire TRINITY WORKS team with Spirit-inspired creativity and boldness in carrying this vision out. In just over a year this ministry has made great headway in networking churches together, calling on God's people to repent and trusting Him to do what He promises to reach thousands with the Good News of God's saving love.

Pastor Greg Boyd
Woodland Hills Church

God's Strategies Release God's Power

We live in exciting and totally different times. The way we did things in the past are changing to make us more effective in the future. What is desperately needed is someone who can avail themselves to the Holy Spirit and out of that relationship, bring strategy that will unlock the door to a great release of the life-giving power of God's love. The result will be a massive influx of the lost into the Kingdom of God. The prophet Joel recorded these words from the Lord...

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.
Joel 2:28 (KJV)

Steven Uggen is a young man that has a vision of what will happen when the Body of Christ is empowered with the Spirit and equipped with God-given innovative tools and strategies. I am convinced that TRINITY WORKS is a valuable part of God's purposes for the transformation of the Twin Cities.

Oh, by the way, I also know that when an old man's dreams connect with a young man's visions, great things happen! To that I say..."thank you God!"

Pastor Mike Smith
Redeeming Love Church

Answer to Prayer

A couple of years ago in prayer we began to intentionally welcome the evangelistic gifts and ministry into our congregation. Last spring, on a snowy Sunday morning, Steven Uggen and his family visited us here at BCF with friends. I believe that was a divine appointment and a direct answer to our prayers. Since that time Steven and his family have put down roots here and become an integral part of this House. Steven has been faithfully and fruitfully doing the work of an evangelist, both leading and equipping the congregation through teaching in our discipleship training school, one-on-one ministry, and church-wide evangelistic outreaches. Through his example of passionately pursuing God's heart and purposes Steven has had a very positive influence and impact, opening the door for more evangelistic gifts and a greater evangelistic anointing to be released here. We have been enriched by our partnership with Steven and TRINITY WORKS and highly recommend their ministry to the broader church here in the Twin Cities.

Pastor Jim Olson
Bethel Christian Fellowship